Life Purpose~

Vacation on an island

This post will be short sweet and to the point, enjoy 🙂

Let’s discuss our purpose.

Everyone has one, right?

This is true but there are people out there who don’t think they have a purpose or still trying to figure it out. I was one of those people several years ago.

My belief is that we are all put on earth for a reason, Whether that be a parent, nurse, caregiver or hell a magician. WE ALL HAVE A PURPOSE... A reason to live.


It is up to us to find that out. I read somewhere our calling is given to us as soon as we are born and we already going for it when we are all small kids, let’s say six or seven years old. At that moment some of us weren’t even thinking “This is what I want to do when I grow up.” It was always “I love doing…”

Also, there are stories out that some found their purpose at the adult age. Which is totally fine, I didn’t figure out what I wanted to do till I turned 22.

Your life purpose is something that brings your happiness, something to look forward to every day. It’s something you are happy to get out of bed for.

Don’t know what that is?

Ask yourself this…

Am I happy where I am right now?

Do I love what I do?

Does it break my heart when I think about not being able to do this?

If answer yes to all of them, you have your purpose.

Now here’s a small twist. Everyone has more than one purpose… Last year I found that I loved encouraging people and giving advice. So now I’m working towards being a Motivational Speaker (Hence why I made this blog).

But before that, I’ve been a caregiver and writer. I love them both! This is the reason why I get out of bed every day.

As you find or have found your purpose, you will run into some obstacles, I like to call these “Life Purpose Testers”

These are the things that get in the way when you are aiming for success, the negative family member like I discussed in my Toxic post 2 weeks ago. The small voice in your head telling you, you can’t do this. The distractions, the temptations and more!

You can’t let any of those affect your purpose, goals, and happiness.

Today I challenge you to work towards your purpose if you haven’t already. And you have been working towards it, I Challenge you to take it a step further.

Your future self will be thanking you for what you did today, remember that 😉

Thank you for reading…

A quote to remember…

Your achievements and your happiness is your purpose. Live by them.

I’ll see you back here on March 1st

I’m taking topics on anything you would like for me to write about next, feel free to comment below or send me an email at I would love to hear from you!

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