Don’t Just “Settle”



I know I’ve been MIA lately and you’re probably thinking I was gonna stop blogging but let me stop you right there and say no, I’m not. I’ll explain later, right now, let’s just get right into it 😉

My Dad and I were talking not too long ago about being happy with what you have in life right now. AKA settling for what you have in front of you.

Now, this might be an unpopular opinion, but why put yourself in that mind state? Why just settle for what you have when deep down inside you know you want more or can strive for more? I don’t care if you’re in your 70s or 80s. You can always do more with your life!

Some people think “oh, I’m just meant to be a mother or father, or grandparent or working on someone else’s time and I’m here to tell you no, you can be more, but you have to want to be more, no one is gonna be that for you.

You wanna own your own business? Do it.
You want to write that book? Do it.
You want to quit that job when you know you can run it better than the person you’re working for? DO IT.

It’s all possible to do more with your life and not just “settle for what you have”

I know I have people out there who want to be realistic, but if that is your mindset than this blog post is not for you. This is for the ones who want to do more.

I say go for it and let no one stop you 😉

Thank you for reading, I hope this post was the sign you were looking for to achieve more in life.

Now onto what I’ve been doing lately when I’m not posting consistently here.
First off, I apologize for my absence, I have been working on a new series, if you follow me on social media I’m currently writing a Dark Drama-Suspense novel and the first book is going to touch on multiple taboo/ Controversial subjects. I have 2 betas who are willing to take a chance or “risk” in reading the first part this summer. I’ve given myself a deadline/goal of sending it to them mid-August 2018. Let’s hope that can happen.
Also, I’m working on a Drama Crime/Thriller novel title Gangs of Deception. I’ll speak more on that later on.
And a secret project here and there 😉

Now, what is gonna happen with this blog…
Yes! I’m gonna keep posting here BUT, it will be on my own time as in no more bi-weekly post. Only will be posting when inspiration hits me like I did with this post. I hope you’re okay with that and will continue to follow me 🙂

With that said, I hope you have a wonderful spring and I will see you next time.
Remember only you are in control of your destiny, no one else is.

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